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Ensuring a Safe Food Supply
Because of bioterrorism threats, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration acting through the Homeland Security Act has made it mandatory for grain elevators like Watertown Co-op to have a grain traceback system in place.
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To Profitably Enhance the Success of Our Patrons.


With our people….


We can help you formulate a marketing plan that can enhance the success of your operation—the exact intent of our mission statement.


Writing a good commodity marketing plan, however, takes time. But as part of your risk management team, we urge you to take the time! It’s all part of managing risk and capturing price levels more effectively in the market.


Start today. We can help you with the tools and strategies necessary to achieve your marketing goals. Please call or email with any grain marketing question. 

And with our facilities…


How? Upgraded grain facilities and marketing know-how help boost profit potential. Factor in employees focused on harvest efficiencies and you’ll know why our elevators are patron-preferred. Our locations at Watertown, Henry, and Webster provide convenience for handling all your grain storage and drying needs.


Thanks to our new grain facility just south of Watertown, we are equipped to load 110-car unit trains and provide an enhanced market for our producers.   


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