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Agronomy Staff:
Brian Townsend
Agronomy Manager

Rick Borkhuis
Agronomy Sales


Shawn Rithmiller
Agronomy Sales
(Webster Location)

Mike Enfield
Agronomy Sales
(Watertown Location)
Shawn Mohr
Agronomy Sale Mngr
Clark Location

Lake Gogolin
Agonomy Sales
Clark Location

  • Soil Sampling
  • Strip Till/Chisel Plow
  • Prepay Management
  • Variable Rate Technology


Profitability Calculator for Corn and Wheat
Click here to view our profitability calculator for corn and wheat. 
By tabbing through the form you will see example values appear that show your estimated revenue and cost of production. You can change the values by entering in a new value in each field that is colored yellow. At the bottom of the page you have the option to print the form. 


To Profitably Enhance the Success of Our Patrons.


With our people…


The agronomy staff at Watertown Coop is continually looking for new ways that make the most of your per-acre expenditures. We’re not just out to sell inputs. Our staff attends year-round training and learning sessions. Our goal is to maximize your crop strategies so you get an edge at fall harvest.

We offer a full line of crop nutrient and protection products, as well as application services necessary for the challenges of today’s rotations. Coordinated with consulting, recommendations, and crop planning services from our team of agronomists, we can enhance your ability to more profitably grow your crops. 


Products and Services:

  • Soil testing
  • Custom fertilizer and chemical application
  • VRT machinery with on-board impregnation systems for pre-emerge applications
  • Updated fertilizer loadout
  • Dry fertilizer blends
  • Crop consulting and planning with certified agronomists
  • Crop scouting upon request
  • Full ag chemical line
  • Premier seed genetics aligned with other crop inputs
  • GPS-guided strip tillage technology
  • Precision Partners, Inc. programs (no cost, no-obligation analysis)
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