Sunday, November 17, 2019
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Jon Hegge
Feed Department Manager

To Profitably Enhance the Success of Our Patrons.

How? There’s a prolific behind-the-scenes industry here at Watertown Co-op. A wide variety of products and services are produced, marketed, and delivered by our feed department. We have the expertise and technology to meet the ever-changing demands of a dynamic livestock industry. Besides a custom grind and mix operation, we are further strengthened by our ties with Payback Animal Nutrition.

Helping producers increase their bottom line is our goal. One-on-one attention from our staff and consultants provides individualized solutions for each of our feed customers.  

Feed Mill Direct Phone Line:

Nutrition Consultants:

Scott Gilbertson


Products and Services:
  • Custom formulated grind and mix
  • Delivery
  • Technical support
  • Roll and grind
  • DDGS
  • Soybean meal
  • Feed bagging
  • Payback feed
  • Smart lick tubs

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