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Roundup Ready 2 Yield Soybeans Receive Regulatory Approvals
One of the most anticipated soybean products is now one step closer to farmers' fields. Monsanto's next-generation soybean technology, Roundup Ready 2 YieldTM soybeans, has completed the full feed, food and environmental regulatory approval process in Japan, the Philippines and Taiwan. This announcement adds to the approval Monsanto already received this past summer from the U.S. and Canada. Please click here to learn more.

Technical Bulletin - Why Should You Treat Your Soybean Seed with Warden® RTA®
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To Profitably Enhance the Success of Our Patrons.


With our people…

Please talk to any of our highly trained agronomists about the best products and strategies for your fields. Contact Brian Townsend (690-0684), Rick Borkhuis (881-0106), or Mike Enfield (763-567-0057) for your seed needs.


With our products and service…

How? By being your full service seed provider. We offer agronomic advice and seed purchasing strategies from four companies:

  • NK

This line-up contains the latest in traits, from Roundup Ready® to stacked to the

most advanced B.t. events.

But why buy from us?

No decision on a farm is more important than buying seed—that’s where it all starts. And the potential for profit is greater by selecting the right genetic package for your specific area, evaluating individual issues like disease tolerance, agronomic traits, and maturities.

We are out to match the right hybrid or variety to the right soil—not just give you last year’s test plot winner. Not one seed sale will be made without assessment of how our products can best provide a yield that will maximize each and every one of your fields. That’s what you get when you buy from us.

Our prices are competitive, but the value we hope to provide to you is unmatched. We’re into solutions, not just sales.

Products and Services:

  • On-the-farm seed delivery
  • Bulk soybeans
  • Custom treating
  • Crop scouting
  • Wholesale site for oats, wheat, rye
  • Seed cleaning and bagging

Besides our row crop “big four,” we have many other seed products: Pasture mixes, lawn seed, and bulk wheat.


For more information check out our suppliers Web sites:

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